Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hey Santa....

well, i decided to give a present FROM myself TO myself- and paint a mini gun-wielding tough guy Santa. lame? possibly. fun to do? totally.


Jason Newhouse said...

Hey Bud,
Hope the holiday's are treating you well. Ah, the Lobo Santa. Heh. I really dig the reindeer skull shoulder pads. Nice touch and inventive. The goggles, the handle-bar mustache, it's a lot of fun. As far as the hiatus good idea. Things look a bit sparse.
Take care,
Talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I dig the reindeer skull too, but where's the sexy Mrs. Claus? Or how about a couple of elf hench-girls?

Hopefully I'll get back on the wagon once things have settled down for me.

Looks great man!

Josh Cooley said...

Wait a sec...a minigun doesn't spread joy and cheer! That's not Santa!!!

nice job. It's perfect.

Ryan said...

Heh, he kinda looks like Hulk Hogan Santa :P good job