Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Time to embrace the season that is upon us! Let's see your interpretation of your favorite fat man. No, not William Shatner....I'm talking Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Saint Nicolas, Father Christmas, SinterKlaas, or any variation of, and don't forget the possibility of including his elves, reindeer, Mrs. Claus, north pole...blah blah blah.

Go ahead, get it out of your system. I know someone wants to draw Santa with a bazooka.


JeremySaliba said...

SWEET! SANTA WITH A BAZOOKA! hmmmm, and maybe a blowtorch, and a hunting knife....

Jason Newhouse said...

Great choice Josh,
I don't want to do the whole extreme machinegun Santa. That'd be cheap and lame, something Jeremy would do. Heh.
Can't wait to see Jer's Lobo Santa.

John said...

Not that anybody needs a suggestion from somebody who happened upon this sight from that pants guy for his wot art... I'd love to see at least one or two of you resist the urge to draw something tongue-in-cheek and go back to some sort of Norman-Rockwell-ian type image.

Either way, I'm sure it'll all be pretty stinkin good... I've been enjoying your site so far.

JeremySaliba said...

Thanks for stopping by and posting! I'm glad you're enjoying some of the work so far. We love to hear anyone dropping their two cents in-even if it's from a fan of the pants guy!(hehehe, oh seamas, i do believe you've earned yourself a new nickname....)