Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Able to leap unemployment lines in a single bound....

I recently bought Vol. 1 and 2 of the Rejection Collection. Cartoons that were rejected by the New Yorker. They are twisted but awesome. I think I had them on the brain while doing this one.

On a completely different subject, I think Candy Corn should be on the food pyramid under vegetable...if you disagree, your wrong.


JeremySaliba said...

hehehehe, poor Cap. he looks BUMMED.

i love the gestures in your work man, you can really depict it. like the lawyer's pose with his hand up, in that "lawyerly" way. and the side glance the judge is giving doc strange.

outsourced, heheheh. how much you think it would take for the U.S. to outsource the cap-$10000? $1000?

Anonymous said...

DUDE! I've been thinking that about candy corn too!

I love the cartoons! Great ideas and so true for today, I've always thought Spidey would have been sued by now about leaving webbing around NY. A littering ticket at least.

Again, you make it look effortless Josh. Damn it.

seamas without pants said...

man--that cap'n is too true--nice style, too--straight outta the tabloids...great work, dude.

Jason Newhouse said...

Nice one,
Great storytelling. Poor Doc Strange. And the Cap, well, didn't we all see that coming. Is that Johnny Cockrin? Heh