Monday, January 21, 2008

Captain Wow!

Here he is.........Captain Wow! One of the lesser known superheroes, he was quite the ladies man in his day. Unfortunately, after years of putting his head through walls, fighting super villains, and consuming huge amounts of his patented soda, Extreme Wow, the Captain just isn't as crisp as he used to be. He's not even really sure how or when he became a crossing guard or what year it is for that matter. But, no matter what tomorrow may bring he will be....."The Best Damn Crossing Guard The World Has Ever Know!"


Anonymous said...

Poor Captain Wow. A fall from grace. Of course being the best damn crossing guard would put him in good stead with soccer moms. And he can still save little Timmy from getting hit from a bus.....though God knows why....snot nosed bastard.

Looks great Jason! Love the costume, very over the top super-hero.

seamas without pants said...

heh--poor guy--i like how he's wearing the crossing guard hi-vis vest--like he'd need it with that costume of his...i love his name, too--"captain wow"...heh

Josh Cooley said...

very funny. I love the rolls of fat above his hand on his hip. nasty.

JeremySaliba said...

nice one, EXTREME WOW soda, heheheh. yes, i too love his rolls of fat. that looks like soda fat.

but you gotta GOTTA make a sidekick for this guy named BAM-CHOW. a little ninja guy or something. it would RULE. Captain Wow and BAM-CHOW!