Monday, January 28, 2008

Doc Holiday

i decided to paint a picture of doc holiday for this weeks challenge. he's my all time fav. and he's your huckleberry.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit! It' CHUCK PYLE! Run for the hills! Fuck the kids! They can fend for themselves!

Great work Jeremy! I was great in that film. But why does my portrait look like Chuck? Oh wait, I'm Iceman. Damn.

Oh if only I could be your huckleberry want to play for blood?

Josh Cooley said...

Wow. I'm impressed Jer. Seriously. Well Done sir.

Now add the same chick you drew into your Hades drawing on Doc Holiday's leg.

Jason Newhouse said...

Hey Jer,
It does look like Chuck. You should show him. This is very cool. And unexpected. Nice job. I was in Colorado and have been sick since then, totally forgot about the potluck and remember this morning. Must be the medicine. Or not. Your next Doc Holiday could be the sickly dying Doc. All green and yellow fresh tones. That'd be cool.
Take care, Bud

seamas without pants said...

yeah--nice work buddy--this one turned out nicely--and it does kinda look like chuck...hmmm....i do like the gun on his hip in this version, too--

/e clap