Monday, January 14, 2008

My Big Fat Greek Entry

Zeus and Aphrodite

Couldn't draw just one.


Anonymous said...

God Damn it those are cool Josh!

I love your take on Zeus, and of course I love your Aphrodite.....but for uh .... other reasons.

Do you have to make everything you turn in look so effortlessly? Seriously that blows.

seamas without pants said...

heh--yeah, i like those--! i love the puny lightning bolt--it's like he's holding a battery...and now for a cliche catch phrase which i'm positive you've never before heard:

"those are 'cooley'"

thank you...feel free to use that one--

JeremySaliba said...

an awesome take on these "characters." i love the z hair on zeus and the botticelli reference on aphrodite. you have a way of imbuing your work with character.

Josh Cooley said...

Thanks fellas. This was a fun subject idea.

Scotland- 'effortlessly' is quite the compliment. Thanks man.

Seamas- I know that was meant as a compliment, but I find that "crack" you made highly offensive to my family.
Thanks for the kind words. You are so..."seamas".

Jeremy- I have nothing to say to you. Good day sir! (turns up nose and storms away)

just kidding amigo, thanks for the love.

Jason Newhouse said...

Yo Josh,
Nice job. I love Zues's blue skin And the Z's....clever man, clever. Very cool style. Your work always makes me smile.