Monday, February 18, 2008


i love all the religious symbolism throughout The Big Lebowski, so i was inspired to do a religious painting of "the dude" and "the stranger," whom i feel represents god in the movie. i did this in the style of the Annunciation.


seamas without pants said...

nice--sam elliot's the man--if there is a god, i want it to be sam elliot--nice "god rays" and halo...but, "do you have to use so many cuss words?"

Jason Newhouse said...

Awesome one Jer,
I dig the style you went with. And of course the religious symbolism is a nice touch. Very Bam Chow.

Josh Cooley said...

Very cool Jer-Jer Binks,

It should hang in a bowling alley underneath a cathedral in Italy.

I dig your style, dude.

Nicolas P. Villarreal said...

Nice job HB, i like how you used that column in the middle to divide them like an old religious paintings....very clever I must say mr.