Monday, February 25, 2008

The Bride of Frankenstein!

Mua mua mua ha ha ha haaa! E gads, she's completely unoriginal! Look at her in FEAR!


Jason Newhouse said...

Ah the bride. I'm glad you didn't go with the Sting version. Heh. She is a great simple design and you did a great job with her. I love the stitches across her neck. Nasty. Nice touch. Bam Bam Chow!

Anonymous said...

I think your version of "the Bride" looks like Helen Boham Carter......which is funny cause wasn't she "the Bride" in that awful DeNiro version?

Great render of her. I'm sure Tim Burton would be proud.

Josh Cooley said...

Nice drawing.

I like girls.

The design on the doors is great too.

But I like girls better.