Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Loveland Frog

"In May 1955, a man reported an unbelievably strange sight while driving home at 3:30 a.m. in Loveland, Ohio, northeast of Cincinnati. He claimed to have spotted three bipedal reptilian creatures standing by the side of the road, and pulled over to watch them from his car for about three minutes. One of the froglike beings carried some type of bar or wand above its head, and sparks were shooting out of the device. The driver notified Loveland police of what he had seen, although no evidence of the creatures was later found."

I'm sorry, it doesn't get much better than that. A small gang of frog-lizards walking around on two legs, just loitering on the side of the road and playing with illegal fireworks. You can't make that stuff up!....Unless you are of course, plastered out of your mind. At 3:30 AM? Naaaah.


Jason Newhouse said...

Dude the Loveland Frogmen,
That was a random one and a great surprise. Didn't think anyone had heard of it. Nice job.
Oh yeah, I saw Jeremy's Halloween costume too, yikes.

Anonymous said...

Who the HELL would live in a place called Loveland? Sounds like the kind of place that's bound to have a serial killer, or at least a freak circus accident.

Love the Frogman, Josh. The face is great.....reminds me of some of my drunken frat boy roommates from years past.

Doug Cox said...

Nice. A naked retarded frog playing with fire.

JeremySaliba said...

heheheheheheheheheheh. heheheheh. i love this one. his expression is beyond happy- i love it. nice job with the spotlight too.

seamas without pants said...

now, that's MY kind of urban legend--one without PANTS