Monday, March 3, 2008


Sorry guys, but a sketch was the best I could manage for this week, crap is still too busy. Still this was fun, though I did default to a girl(again). I've been looking, my few spare moments, at the famous Gibson Girls (break out a brush pen and try them some time). Oh those Victorian girls, always seducing young men! And yes, women make me nervous.....but so does the IRS. 


Jason Newhouse said...

Hey Scotland,
Welcome back again. Great drawing. i love the nervous little guy. He reminds me of Rick Moranis. I think we've all been there in same form. Thanks for the comment too. I feel like my piece is about 25% done. Just a quicky. Love your characters.

JeremySaliba said...

WB buddy, WB. glad to see some posting goodness. and yes, chicks are amazingly good at making dudes nervous. especially us nerdy guys. nice one holmes.

Nicolas P. Villarreal said...

Very cool Scotland, i like how stiff he looks...from a design stand point of course, and yes, very true about girls and IRS.....IRS paying stuff...."pay up choppers", does anyone remember where is that from?