Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I don't know about you guys, but Mr. Jeremy has REALLY been rubbing me the wrong way this past week. He continues to abuse me verbally online, emotionally in my heart, and a few days ago.....physically. He patted me on my hind quarters in PUBLIC! That's where I draw the line. Literally. Time to show our jabberjaw, star wars nerd, knee high to a pig's eye, friend-o that he can't push us around anymore! So do it. Do your best Jeremy Middle Name Saliba caricature for all to see. And next week when they are posted, make sure you put down a tarp before looking so your laughing pee doesn't soil the carpet.

Who's the King of the Internet now, Jeremy!!???


Jason Newhouse said...

First Arthur C. Clarke dies, then Jeremy is the new topic. Don't know about you guys but, it sounds like the End Times to me. Better start stockin' up on Holy water and steel underwear. The underwear is protection against the evil violating paws of the Saliba. That will learn ya won't it Josh. Watch your back.

Anonymous said...

Josh, I suggest investing in a good leather jacket. Mine has kept Jeremy's hands off me by stopping his hands at the jacket. Your ass is another question though, perhaps steel underwear, as Jason was saying.

I wonder what Jer's students do? Maybe they've formed a support group. Jeremy seems to be in the wrong profession, he'd have gone far as a Catholic Priest.

seamas without pants said...

well, now--

this is a topic i WON'T want to miss--count me in--!