Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Topic: H.P. Lovecraft

Alright gents, hope your not tired of doodlin' monsters cause it's time for the grand-daddy of all thats slimy and foul. H.P. wrote about some of the creepiest, trippy ideas in horror and sci-fi. So do up your favorite Lovecraftian creation. Cthulhu, Innsmouth, Dagon, etc. If your not familiar with his writings you can wikipedia him. To give you an idea Hellboy bites heavily from Lovecraft lore. Enjoy.


JeremySaliba said...

well, i'm excited. this is a project with a lot of freedom of what to choose. i do think you and i are the only one's here who've read an H.P. book......or am i wrong? have you guys read any lovecraft? some of it it really fantastic, and has inspired many a modern horror story.

Josh Cooley said...

Whatever, "Professor".

I will have you know that I choose NOT to read. Anything. Including traffic signs. I decide when to stop on my own. I don't need WORDS to tell me what to do. But if that's what YOU'RE into, keep walking towards the cliff's edge, lemmning.

Jason Newhouse said...

That's awesome, Josh. That has to be one of the best comments back ever. Especially because it's directed at Darth Jer. And on a personal note, thanks to Hooked on Phonics I can actually read your comments. Hooray for me!

Josh Cooley said...

thanks Jason. But unfortunately I chose not to read your comment on my comment.

But thank you anywho.