Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Salacious Sith Lord DarthJer

He comes with ass groping action. Sci-fi, Fantasy novels and role playing games sold separately. WARNING: Never walk in front of the Dark Lord. Abuse can & will ensue.


Josh Cooley said...

try resaving your image "for the web" under the file option in Photoshop. That may fix your skin tone problem.

Otherwise, awesome job.

Jason Newhouse said...

Thanks Josh that fixed er'right up. Now you can see the little puddle of pee too. Hooray!

JeremySaliba said...

wow- you never realize how observant people are around you until you do a potluck challenge about yourself. this one nails me too- from the helicopter t-shirt to the thermal underneath. now, about that little puddle of pee............i thought no one knew about my incontinence. now the millions of people a day that view our blog will know i leave little puddles of pee everywhere i go.