Tuesday, April 29, 2008


What was that one thing that made you cry for your mommy, hide under the covers, and wet the bed at the same time? Was it your sister's creepy doll that tried to kill you every night? your weird uncle that smelled funny and talked through an electronic voicebox? Or in Jeremy's case, was it your Lite-Brite?
Whatever horrible, childhood scars you have hidden deep in your emotional closets, time to dig them out....with your pencils! Draw your worst childhood fears for the world to see and judge you by!
Have fun, and sleep tight!


Josh Cooley said...

what a great idea!

Jason Newhouse said...

Hey Josh,
Though I don't want to stroke your already hugely inflated ego. I must say awesome choice of a topic.
Kudos to man, kudos.

Jason Newhouse said...


JeremySaliba said...

this IS an awesome topic, and i've got what i hope is a good idea- i'm just gonna be a little late on this one.
and it wasnt my lite you jerks. it was my cabbage patch doll.

T said...

Ok, I can't draw or sketch, but maybe you could draw my childhood fear... Do you remember the book "WHere the wild things are" ?

We lived in northern minnesota, about 10 miles from town which consisted of about 600 peeps. Our road had a Fire Tower at the start of it and we lived about 2 miles form that.

Every night, when I would go to sleep, the goal was to try to fall asleep befor the "Wild Things" Would get me. The "Wild Things" Would spawn in the top of the fire tower... walk down the 100 foot tower stair case, and begin the 2 mile hike single file to my house... and If I wasn't asleep before they got there... They would get me? Or some thing!