Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Teen Seamas Junior

So first off, a giant CONGRATULATIONS! Seamus. Awesome news with the new born babe.
Now the bad news. What do you get when your father is a role-playing, dragon lovin', art geek?
Well, when your child is in his teen years he might just be a disgruntled goth kid with painted nails. But not to worry I'm sure in the future all kids will be wearing giant novelty dragon heads for hoodies. Cheers Buddy good job:)


Anonymous said...

Man, looks like he killed a dragon during a hockey game....that's just messed up. What a freak.....he'll probably visit Legoland.....son of a bitch.

Hate to see what his first girlfriend is going to be like.

Love the Dragon's head Jason!

Jason Newhouse said...

Ah, c'mon, your not enjoying Legoland. I hear your the life of the party and the kids love ya. Keep up the good work. Love the cardboard mansion idea. Heheh.

seamas without pants said...


where can i get a hoodie like that--??

Jason Newhouse said...

I knew you'd like it and want one. You might check out Hot Topic. That's a dumbass store that has all kinds of cheap goth crap. Yay!

JeremySaliba said...

i love this one jason- one of my favorites of yours. D's favorite of the bunch.