Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Return to Oz
is one of the most terrifying "children's" movies/"family films" EVER! If you don't agree, you have no emotion, and you are a robot. It came out in 1985, it was directed by famed film editor Walter Murch, and released by Disney!!
For some reason my parents let me watch this film, and if you've seen it, you know why I punch my parents in the face every time I see them (and why I cry myself to sleep every night). The first scene is Dorothy getting electro-shock treatment because she believes Oz is real, there's a evil queen who can remove her head, and (whimper whimper).....THE WHEELERS!!!!!! Still think I'm a puss? Watch the clip and try not to wet yourself or your computer, Nancy.



Jason Newhouse said...

Yeah, I can agree with that. It had a weird child's nightmare quality throughout. As a kid I just remember being engrossed in the look of it.
The Wheelers though, stay away from them, trippy.

brentm84 said...

I just realized that all of the comments here are usually from you guys involed. Just wanted to let you know there are others lurking and appreciating. my wife and i regularly check to see if anything new is here.

Cant wait for the wheelers!!!

Josh Cooley said...

Thanks Brentm84! It's good to know there are lurkers about.

The Wheelers are part of the 'What scared you as a kid' series.

Anonymous said...

Well Josh, I am a cold unfeeling (unless you count the mild numbing rage) robot.....Wheelers never really got me as a kid. I just thought about putting a bar between their wheels and tipping them over.

Return to Oz, that was a crime against humanity. Totally washed over all the other OZ books that were put out......stupid ass producers. Still I could see why it freak out some kids.... not me though.....I have my relatives for that..

Awesome work Josh! Wish I had that kind of line control and color in my work.

Gregory Ascott said...

I've always adored Return to Oz, but yes the Wheelers did frighten me occasionally. They don't make outside-the-box kid films like they used to

Verbal Titration said...

My brother just forwarded me this, and I completely agree! We used to love this movie, but the Wheelers scared the life out of me. After a while, we would memorize the scene beforehand, and as soon as the Cowardly Lion statue popped up, we'd make a mad dash for the back of the couch and wait out the most terrifying thing we had ever seen.

So, pretty fantastic memories brought up by your picture. I love the inherent creepiness you captured!