Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ugh.....Sorry about being really, REALLY late with has been kicking my ass, then throwing me in front of semi-truck, only to be hit by a fuel tanker driven by a driver dying from the plague, as 747 explodes over head, all during an earthquake....... Frankly, I think life is highly over rated.......

Yeah, pretty much ever since the Bruce Timm animated series, I love head, black leather........what's not to love?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Return to Oz
is one of the most terrifying "children's" movies/"family films" EVER! If you don't agree, you have no emotion, and you are a robot. It came out in 1985, it was directed by famed film editor Walter Murch, and released by Disney!!
For some reason my parents let me watch this film, and if you've seen it, you know why I punch my parents in the face every time I see them (and why I cry myself to sleep every night). The first scene is Dorothy getting electro-shock treatment because she believes Oz is real, there's a evil queen who can remove her head, and (whimper whimper).....THE WHEELERS!!!!!! Still think I'm a puss? Watch the clip and try not to wet yourself or your computer, Nancy.



well, we here at the potluck took our last hiatus during the christmas holidays- and now i think it's time for another one. we've all gotten a bit backed up with whatever it is we do with ourselves, and i think we could use a week or two to catch up. i know i could. so, we can all post work we should've posted already, or finish all the ideas we said we were gonna finish (i'm talking to you scotland) during this time, and i'll do my best to kick everyone's butt back into gear. be seeing everyone soon!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fats..............from "Magic"

This is the puppet that literally scarred and traumatized me as a child. The movie "Magic" came out in 1978. Which means I was a one yr. old when the commercial pop-up on TV, right in front of my innocent, virgin eyes. Good times. My mom still remembers my reaction to seeing this cute, cuddly fellow. I found the original trailer on Youtube if your curious. I read they had to pool the spot due to parent complaints. This was actually really fun to do. Something interesting happens when you render a childhood fear.
Great topic, Josh. Cheers!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


What was that one thing that made you cry for your mommy, hide under the covers, and wet the bed at the same time? Was it your sister's creepy doll that tried to kill you every night? your weird uncle that smelled funny and talked through an electronic voicebox? Or in Jeremy's case, was it your Lite-Brite?
Whatever horrible, childhood scars you have hidden deep in your emotional closets, time to dig them out....with your pencils! Draw your worst childhood fears for the world to see and judge you by!
Have fun, and sleep tight!

Monday, April 28, 2008

......mistah jay?

well, i couldn't think of anything original this week, so i did a painting of my favorite sidekick of all time-from one of my favorite writers of all time.


...don't ask me why he is wearing a turtle neck...