Monday, February 4, 2008


behold! the mighty erector--! you would think that with his unnaturally bronze skin, his exquisite physique, those chiseled features, long, golden hair that makes you want to stand up and salute it when it blows in the wind--not to mention a good natured personality and an all around great guy-- would be enough to secure a spot among the mighty american gladiator ranks....but alas.....due to a freak accident with a sit-down lawn mower at the age of 24, edmond francis edmondson, a.k.a. "erector", suffers from an unusual ("but completely normal!") case of chronic engorgement of the penis--resulting in what would seem a permanent erection for the rest of his please, send your letters of appeal to the american gladiators board of directors, along with a sample solution of what YOU would do to try and alleviate poor edmond's condition, and rectify this hasty decision to permanently dismiss.......ERECTOR--!


Rosie said...

Oh. Mygod. That had me laughing so hard I nearly gained an ab!

Great job. Hilarious illustration and description!

JeremySaliba said... seamas, what exactly inspired THIS piece...?

Jason Newhouse said...

Awesome Seamas,
Nice and disturbing. I'd be disappointed with anything else. A true American he is.
Very Bam Chow!

Josh Cooley said...

There are images you can't erase from your memory.

Seamas has created one of those images.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jeremy on this one, where did you dig up this idea?

I knew if anyone was going to come up with a disturbing, low-brow, that'll haunt you to the end of my would be you, Seamus.


oh, can't stop myself, did you know that there is an Egyptian god that also has a constant erection? I kid you not. It was so funny to be touring Karnak and to find a carving of a god with a three foot spear coming out of hips.