Monday, February 4, 2008


my buddy who works on american gladiators created his own reject character, and made a hilarious tryout video for him here. i chose to pay homage to SNAKE this week for my post with a portrait-and if i were a bettin' man , i'd say snake would be pleased.


Jason Newhouse said...

Good one. I dig the white trash look. Why can't he be on American Gladiators? He seems perfect. Also, like Seamas's, a true American. Ah, it warms the heart and makes us all proud. Very Bam Chow worthy.

Josh Cooley said...

awesome. I watched the video, and your depiction is right on!

I love the mountain of beer cans. That's great.

seamas without pants said...

it would appear that snake and i would make a great team--for drinking beer, that is--and i dunno, but if i had to go up against this guy in any kind of competition, i'd be a little intimidated....the mustache, the mullet, the cigarette, the mountain of beer cans...these all smack of "dangerous" if you ask me--

Doug Cox said...

This may be my own interpretation but, I think he is giving the finger to sobriety. Almost as if to say, ya, so I like beer AND guns... so kiss it !

Anonymous said...

Funny that a guy with Arabian blood would create the most stero-typical American.....makes one wonder.

Great job, Jer. I knew that deep down in you, you connect with such people. How else could you paint such a flattering portrait?

Oh and I think you should add Snake's pregnant niece/wife at his feet, just as Frazetta would have. That....or Seamus.