Monday, March 10, 2008

Muppet Babies

For all those who remember this classic show, the Muppets had this nanny (coincidentally named "Nanny") that would bust into the room at the most inappropriate time and stop everyone from having fun. If you were like me, you hated Nanny. And I especially hated Nanny because you NEVER saw her from mid-calf up. She was just a bitchy pair of annoying striped socks and dumb, stupid shoes. Example...

Man did I hate her. Kermit and co. would always be disciplined by this headless nazi that we never got to see. It would have been much better if they showed her face on the final episode and it was one of these.


seamas without pants said...

oh man--that would've been great to see jeremy as the nanny--hooo boy! nice one, josh!

....wait--the little red one's jeremy........right.....?

Josh Cooley said...

Awwww man , your right. Jeremy does nag a lot.

I'll get him someday.

JeremySaliba said...


and i love that little impish demon guy-that's an awesome design. i too watched this show-but i was primarily sucked in by the "star wars" footage they would show in the opening.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that does resemble Jeremy..... especially when Ed is around asking for TV at the lab. Regrettably I must side with Jeremy on this one and VOTE FOR THE MIDDLE ONE.

Yeah.... I'm a sucker for a hot babe..... which is what I always assumed Nanny had to be. I mean, why listen to her at all if she wasn't?

Nice set of ideas Josh.

I was sucked into Muppet Babies too, but for the footage of the "Temple of Doom".

Jason Newhouse said...

Man, that's great. You really brought back some old memories. She was pretty bitchy huh. Awesome idea.

MrCleveland said...

RIP Billingsley (Voice of Nanny).

I think it would be funny if The Nanny just talked through her neck!